Training Services

We can educate, train and mentor client staff in any of the areas we specialise in:-

Essentially, our training service is about directly transferring our skills to your staff.

We have considerable expertise in educating, training, mentoring and coaching. Alastair Revell has twenty years of designing and running training programmes for business. This experience is backed up with over 15 years of lecturing at university level as an associate, which has included major roles in designing at least two undergraduate programmes.

We can deliver classroom based courses that educate your staff on the underpinning theory. We can train them on specific procedures or we can work alongside them guiding them as they tackle new systems. We can tutor them towards specific curriculum courses.

We have the depth necessary to deliver both theory and practice set against our own experiences within these areas.

Our Approach

We offer different methods of training to technical professionals and end-users, depending on their requirements.

Classroom Training

We run traditional lecture programmes that provide solid foundations for technical professionals in areas such as TCP/IP networking, C# programming, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. We also run courses for end-users on Excel and other Microsoft Office packages.

Support Surgeries

We arrange regular onsite support surgeries where an experienced practitioner will be on-hand to tackle problems that have cropped up in the intervening period. The emphasis is on ensuring the necessary skills transfer.


Sometimes on-the-job training is more appropriate. We can provide one-to-one or small group mentoring where an experienced practitioner works alongside your staff, providing a guiding hand while transferring their knowledge and skills to your team.


We can coach staff who face exams, providing them with the tutorial support that can make the difference between passing and failing.


The benefits of well-trained staff should not be under-estimated.

It is surprising just how many organisations are quite prepared to equip their staff well, but then fail to train them. They are then surprised that they do not see the return they were hoping for.

A key benefit of our training service is our flexibility. Training conjures up classroom lectures, which can be appropriate, but there are other ways to learn that are just as effective!

We do design and deliver formal classroom training, but these sessions are often integrated with onsite support surgeries, one-to-one tutorials and various forms of coaching and mentoring.

We expect to fit in with the way you need to learn and work. A huge stumbling block for many organisations is that their IT team are essential. Their absence presents major problems. We offer flexible hands-on training onsite so they can learn while they work.

Our training isn't restricted to just IT professionals. We have considerable experience in delivering training to end-users on Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


These are some ideas about the sort of training we could deliver.

Strategy Development

We could help your IT manager develop their first IT strategy by working alongside them, providing experienced guidance and ensuring that they learn the important lessons for next time.

Systems Engineering

We could mentor a key member of your staff as they get to grips with a new technology. We would arrange mutually convenient times to work on aspects of the new system together, providing practical advice and help, ensuring that the key knowledge is transferred.


We could deliver a formal programme of lectures on the TCP/IP Protocol Suite to members of your IT team over a series of days at your premises. Alternatively, you could send a member of your staff on one of our occasional public courses.

Software Development

We could work with one or more of your developers, providing guidance and support as they develop new software. We could review their code and make suggestions about how it could be improved.
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A consultant training a client
A consultant training a client
A consultant training a client
A consultant training a client

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