Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is a core discipline at Revell Research Systems. We consider Systems Engineering to cover work on both servers and workstations; and we define it as including installation, configuration and maintenance; as well as ongoing operations.

We can bring our IT consultancy skills in Systems Engineering to bear on a wide range of issues and engage at a variety of levels.

We have technical expertise in the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems and their various server and workstation products such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, ISA Server and the Microsoft Office range of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, InfoPath and OneNote).

Our staff have experience with businesses of all size, from small single-person consultancies to multi-site PLCs with literally thousands of machines to maintain.

We can advise you on what needs to be done in your organisation. We can train your technical staff on how to do it. We can  assist both your technical professionals and end users in doing it; or alternatively we can actually execute the work for you.

Systems Engineering

Revell Research Systems provides computer consultancy skills on the following products:-

Server Related

Windows Server OS and Components
SQL Server
ISA Server
Small Business Server (SBS)
Virtual Server

Workstation Related

Windows Workstation OS
Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Outlook, InfoPath and OneNote
Project (and Project Server)
FrontPage, Publisher and Visio
Visual Studio and Visual SourceSafe
Virtual PC

PDA Related

Microsoft Standard Pocket PC Software

We generally deliver these skills to small-to-medium size (SME) enterprises with up to 1,000 end users.


The advantage of a smoothly operating IT infrastructure is of monumental importance to business, yet many firms simply ignore their systems once they have been installed and rather naively hope that they won't cause any problems.

Some businesses don't budget anything close to what they should towards maintenance and succinctly believe that they are managing their businesses effectively.

The tragedy of this approach is that these business are periodically thrown into complete chaos when the inevitable happens and their systems fail. Their rather negative approach to IT still doesn't even register with them because they don't factor in the costs of lost opportunities.

What we notice about these firms is that they tend not to grow as fast as their more effective competitors. Tragically, sometimes these firm's IT failures cost them their business.

The businesses that have taken our advice and used our skill-set to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT infrastructure have reaped the benefits and continue to use us.


You can take advantage of our knowledge and skill in Systems Engineering by carefully blending how we deliver them to suit your exact requirements.

We frequently install and configure servers for clients of all sizes. We also install workstations for smaller clients who do not have any indigenous IT staff. Our involvement often continues, especially for smaller clients, by providing remote monitoring and maintenance of their equipment, which means we can respond to problems before they are noticed and become issues.

We help many of our clients keep their systems secure by patching them remotely overnight to minimise the disruption to their operations.

With some clients, we work closely with their IT staff to provide consultancy and ongoing mentoring and coaching. With others, we provide formal classroom training on how to do the work.

We are always on-hand to provide trouble-shooting and expert advice on issues that are causing problems to your IT operations. We also help a number of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) when they need backup to their own expertise.
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