Support Services

We can provide clients with ongoing support in any of these four fields:-

In essence, our support service is about providing ongoing assistance in these disciplines, either because you do not have the resources in-house or because they are temporarily overstretched.

The support we offer differs depending on which of the fields we are working in.

For instance, we can support your strategy development by running workshops and facilitating discussions on IT issues, or by providing stimulating presentations aimed at helping your staff imagine how they might use technology to improve their work.

We have considerable experience in providing technical support in person, over the telephone or remotely. The technical support we offer isn't just for IT professionals. We provide extensive support to end-users who simply need to get a job done and are having difficulty with a particular application.

Our Approach

Our approach to delivering our support services necessarily varies depending on the field in which we are delivering them.

Strategy Development

We normally provide specialist input when supporting strategy development - perhaps by providing insight into future technology developments to assist in the strategic planning process or by facilitating workshops to discover what technological opportunities might offer a business competitive advantage.

Systems and Network Engineering

We are able to provide installation and configuration services to existing IT teams either where they do not have the specific skills or simply because they don't have the in-house resources to cope with the demand. We are also able to supply expertise and experience to help trouble-shoot problems that are causing internal teams nightmares. Often, a fresh pair of eyes can help to speedily resolve an issue.

Software Development

We can support in-house development teams by providing technical advice where it is needed or through providing specialist skills to a team such as database design or building the database backend to a web site.


Most organisations need access to technical expertise from time-to-time, whether it is because they lack some specific skills in-house or because their own resources are temporarily overstretched.

We aim to provide those missing skills in a client-centric manner.

Some clients just want to overcome the issues at hand quickly so they can focus on delivering value to their customers. Others will see that they need these skills themselves to overcome future blockages. We are simply happy to just fix the problem, but we are also more than willing to transfer our know-how to our clients.

Our clients particularly prize this readiness to share our expertise when it makes economic sense to do so.

Our clients also value the long-term relationship we seek with them. Essentially, we become a seamless extension of their own organisation - a pool of deep technical expertise that they can draw upon to overcome day-to-day problems.


These are some ideas about how we can support your organisation.

Strategy Development

We can run workshops, facilitate discussions or stimulate ideas about how you could use IT in the future. We are quite happy to work with other consulting practices who might be addressing wider issues and just want some specialist subject expertise.

Systems Engineering

We can provide your IT team with expertise when they get stuck on an issue such as configuring an email server. We can also help your end user staff when they get stuck with something such as mail-merge.


We can help your IT team trouble-shoot a difficult routing issue or provide help in tracking down difficult network issues using a packet analyser.

Software Development

We can provide advice on the design of a particular software object or help you debug some code. We can also write difficult routines for you.
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