Strategy Development

We frequently hear from people that information technology is simply a huge overhead that they could well do without, if only it wasn't for the fact that their competitors use it and their customers expect it.

Frankly, we are not surprised that they have this attitude when we review their use of information technology. They simply do not have a coherent approach. They just follow the trends other people set while spending as little as possible.

We don't advocate blind investment in technology. We believe in working with our clients to identify ways that computing technology will change not just their business, but their entire market.

Most businesses today play a game of catch up that they'll never win. Their leading competitors force the pace and identify strategic opportunities that they are blind to. Their most feared enemies have realised that they can use technology to dramatically change the rules and they have seized the imperative.

Our clients instruct us because they want to be setting the trends, deciding the rules and seizing the imperative.


We have very deliberately developed core competencies in both management consultancy and information technology.

The consequence is that we have an almost unique perspective on developing functional information resource management (IRM) strategies.

We are at home assessing corporate and competitive strategies. We can assist you in aligning the information systems, information technology and information management strands of your overall IRM strategy with these business strategies. Without such alignment, you will be less effective and less efficient.

We invest a lot of time and money in research and development. We are conversant with leading edge management thinkers such as Nonaka and Takeuchi in Knowledge Management, as well as with more established experts like Michael Porter on Competitive Strategy. We are equally at home with emerging technologies, often working with early betas of software long before most people realise they exist.

We can uniquely combine these distinctive competencies to help you develop IRM strategies that seriously improve your competitive edge.


We are almost unique in that we embrace both management and technology on equal terms. We are strongest where these disciplines intersect. We believe passionately that business and technology need to be intertwined to make any real impact.

We work with our clients to ensure that they aren't just catching up, but are actually dictating how others will compete. Our clients develop a clear vision and understanding of how IT will contribute to their overarching goals and ambitions.

We couple management insight with our deep understanding of IT to enrich our thought-leadership on using technology to gain competitive advantage.

Our clients benefit from our unique perspective. They lever our expertise to improve their competitive position. They trust our judgement because they know we understand their business requirements very precisely and that we can translate these accurately into the right use of technology to propel them to the top of their game.

Our clients value and prize the benefits they reap from our depth across both disciplines. What  they aspire to, they actually achieve.


In simple terms, strategy development is about knowing where you are, where you want be and working out how to cross that gap.

We can help you to establish where you want to go by providing insight into how technology is developing. We can facilitate workshops and the like to help you foresee how you might compete in the future, using these developments.

We can help you work out where you are by auditing your use of technology and reflecting on how they compare to best practice.

We can examine your existing business processes and recommend ways of improving them with technology. We can challenge why you do things the way you do from our external perspective.

We can help you bridge the gap by assisting in the evaluation and selection of different technical offerings. We can study the feasibility of new projects.

Finally, we can advise you on how to write an information resource management strategy,  educate your staff on how to develop it, assist you in producing it and help you to execute it.

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