Revell Research Systems was founded in July 1985 by Alastair Revell to provide software consultancy and training in Devon.

Initially, the business was part-time while Alastair Revell completed his degree in Mathematics at the University of Birmingham.

However, after graduating in 1988, the practice grew substantially and started to offer its services to companies throughout the West of England.

By 1991, the Consultancy was offering software support to a growing number of clients, which was fuelled by building close business partnerships. (We continue to grow because satisfied clients recommend us to others. We consider this to be an important benchmark, which we try to maintain and improve on.)

The firm broadened its services in 1996 to incorporate web publishing, both for internal and external sites.

The practice now concentrates on four disciplines which it delivers using four different methods. These disciplines are strategy development, systems engineering, networking and software development. It delivers these through consulting, training, support and implementation services.
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