Congratulations are due to Darren Rees, from South Wales, who has been awarded The 2007 Revell Research Systems Prize at the University of Plymouth for the Top Final Year Student on the BSc(Hons) Computing programme.

The prize was established to mark the start of our 21st year in business last Summer. By a quirk of timing in the University of Plymouth's award ceremonies, Darren Rees is actually the second recipient to receive the prize during our 21st year.

The Revell Research Systems prize web site is at

Revell Research Systems is pleased to announce that it has just published the new South West Mediation web site at

South West Mediation provides family mediation to couples (whether married or not) who are looking to separate or divorce.

The site has been designed to comply with current web standards for XHTML and CSS. It  is also compliant with recent UK legislation, which many UK web sites still fail to achieve.

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