Implementation Services

We can undertake projects or assignments in any of the following four areas:-

Primarily, our implementation services are about getting the job done for you.

If you know you need to align your IT objectives with your business goals, but haven't got a clue how to do it, we can manage the process for you.

We can totally look after your network, servers and workstations for you, which might be particularly appealing if you don't have any IT staff.

We can configure your network infrastructure for you. We simply come in, do the job and leave with the equipment working.

We can develop custom applications or design and build your intranet or public web site, especially if they need to be database-driven and are effectively web applications.

Our Approach

Our approach necessarily varies depending on the field we are working in.

Strategy Development

We use our own methodology to audit a client's current strategic position and to elicit what their corporate and competitive strategies are. We then analyse the gap between where they currently are and where their information resources need to be in order to achieve their business goals. We then develop a plan for bridging this gap.

Systems and Network Engineering

We run many of our clients facilities for them. We often inherit poorly documented and managed systems. A key aspect of our approach is to improve the robustness of the client's system, which is initially expensive, but reaps long-term dividends as it results in a more stable, effective and efficient system. Right from the outset, we aim to become a seamless extension of their organisation and look to integrate tightly with their core business.

Software Development

We develop applications and web sites using a mixture of formal methods and more flexible techniques such as those based on agile methods. The exact approach we take depends on the scale of the particular project.


Sometimes organisations just derive benefit from the outcome of a process and do not need to learn how to do it themselves, simply because they are unlikely to do it again or because it is not core to their business. Our implementation services are crafted to fit these scenarios.

We have built expertise in processes that most organisations only rarely need. We are valuable to them precisely because we have done it so many times before.

Most organisations would benefit tremendously from having a solid Information Resource Management strategy, better maintained systems, properly configured networks and well-written custom applications and web sites. They don't have these things simply because they don't have the internal resources to deliver them.

We can provide them like most of our competitors. What makes us different is that we build long-term relationships with our clients in the process, which means we understand exactly what they are trying to achieve. We become a seamless extension of their organisation.

We know the reason we are engaged is to help you deliver to your clients. We not only know that, we also act on it...


These are some ideas about how you can use our implementation services.

Strategy Development

We could develop an appropriate Information Resource Management (IRM) strategy for you, complete with Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Information Management (IM) strands.

Systems Engineering

We could maintain all aspects of your system including your servers and workstations. We would ensure service through a combination of onsite visits and remote access.


You could instruct us to configure your firewall to minimise your risk from attack.

Software Development

We could analyse your requirements, design a solution and build the appropriate application with either a Windows or a web front-end. We could also implement an ecommerce web site or a sophisticated database-driven intranet site.
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