Consulting Services

Consulting is an important aspect of our work. We can advise clients on any aspect of our four specialist disciplines:-

Essentially, our consulting service is about simply providing impartial and independent advice within our four fields of expertise. You may choose us to implement our recommendations or you may decide to undertake that work yourself or use an alternative supplier.

What is important to us is that you receive the right advice and that we provide you with the mechanisms for successfully implementing it.

However, it is important to realise that we will only provide the advice we believe to be right for you and your organisation. We won't simply endorse what has already been decided, whether tacitly or explicitly. You may find that we challenge what you are trying to achieve and we may even advise you to abandon your current path.

We simply provide impartial, independent and unbiased advice.

Our Approach

We consult on strategy development, systems and network engineering, and software development. Although three of these four areas are primarily technical in content, our thinking is always informed by a balance of management foresight and technical expertise.

We are very people-focused in our approach simply because we know that businesses are systems that are made up of both people and technology. We do not hide behind the technology, but address the issues present in the entire system.

We are influenced by systemic thinking when tackling issues that exhibit a high degree of dynamic complexity and are firmly grounded in analytical thinking when faced with design complexity.

Our consultancy work is client-centric, which means we never aim to become a 'crutch' for our clients. We try to ensure that they become less dependent on us as experts in the areas that are causing them concern over time.

This approach, paradoxically, is good for our business because it improves our reputation and the number of quality engagements we are invited to undertake.


Our consulting service brings a variety of benefits to our clients.

Our clients value the sharp and crisp thinking we bring to their problems. They appreciate our thought leadership and our innovation.

Although the exact nature of our consulting will depend on the discipline we are exercising, our work is generally based on a simple methodology that encompasses a range of tools to probe our client's problems and help guide us towards appropriate solutions.

A key benefit is that our consultants are well-versed in consulting skills and have not simply been landed with an over-used job title. You can expect them to use a range of intervention styles depending on the issue at hand.

They may decide to act catalytically to equip you with the skills you need to sort your problems yourself. They may use an acceptant style to allow you to talk through your own ideas and help you put them in order so that you can develop your own solution. They may confront you when what you say and what you actually do are different. They may even be prescriptive if time is short or you lack the resources to benefit from another approach.


We assist in strategy development by offering business insight into how technology is developing and what it can offer you today and in the future. We can help you align your IT function with your competitive strategies and we can surface issues that might be difficult to address without an external agent.

We can provide advice on systems engineering activities within your business, drawing on our deep expertise in this area. We can advise you on how to improve your IT operations, on the evaluation and selection of systems or undertake a feasibility study for you.

We can help you architect and design your network infrastructure.

We can help your software developers and web designers build better solutions. We can advise them on the best way to architect solutions, educate them on object-orientation and guide them on emerging methodologies. We can draft specifications for you and ensure that the developers actually deliver on what has been agreed.

We can provide our advice to you in a range of formats from just informal feedback, through presentations to formally-written reports.
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The hand of a consultant advising a client
The hand of a consultant advising a client
The hand of a consultant advising a client
The hand of a consultant advising a client

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