Revell Research Systems is a Management and Technology Consulting Practice, based at Exeter in the South West of the United Kingdom.

We work to help other organisations make better use of their Information Technology resources. We use our unusual combination of both management and technological skills to achieve this.

We do not sell products. We simply sell our skills. We only provide independent, impartial and unbiased advice. We do not accept any inducements to recommend one product or service over another.

We combine IT consultancy with management advice. When we propose a particular strategy, we know that it can be implemented. When we suggest a particular technology, we know that it makes business sense.

We specialise in strategy development, systems engineering, networking and software development (focusing on Windows applications and data-base driven web sites).

We transfer our knowledge, expertise and skills in these four areas to our clients through our consulting, training, support and implementation services. The exact mix of these services is unique to each particular client.

Our Values

We believe that it is our values that set us apart from our competitors. They define us and make us different.

The foundations of our business are independence, honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity.

We believe in personal accountability, open communication and working as a team. We feel that tradition is relevant and can bring value. We also recognise that we should regularly challenge our beliefs - not only to justify them, but to improve them.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to excel and that we should continually learn new skills. We want our work to be enjoyable and fun. We think that everyone should be respected, treated fairly, listened to and involved.

We value learning and continually seek to improve the work we deliver. We look to invest in those who work for the practice, stretching them and offering them opportunities to develop themselves.

We believe that business should be conducted ethically and that leaders should act responsibly. We believe that businesses should support their local communities and society at large.
Our clients represent a diverse cross-section of business. We seek clients who place a heavy emphasis on quality; and who are both innovative and forward-thinking.

Although we are a small practice, our client list does include big household names. Our clients respect our integrity, seek our flexibility and value our advice.

We have an enviable client retention rate, which reflects are commitment to our clients. We simply do not run when the going gets tough. We pull out the stops to resolve their problems. Although this may sound altruistic, we actually see this as sound business sense. If our clients do well, so will we.

Although we mainly work with other professional service firms such as accountants, lawyers, chartered surveyors, auctioneers, valuers and other consulting practices; we also attract clients from some very different backgrounds.

However, what unites all our clients is their fundamental belief in long-term business partnerships; the value they place on impartial and independent advice; and their uncompromising stance on quality.

Our Approach

We believe that organisations can only derive real value from technology if it is coupled with good management.

We never recommend a technology simply because it is the greatest thing since sliced-bread. We recommend it because it makes business sense.

Our work is characterised by our flexibility, our attention to detail and our concern to ensure that our clients get exactly what they need. We always place our client's requirements before our own.

We aim to deliver our services with uncompromising quality and unparalleled professionalism. We maintain a high degree of confidentiality and we work in a client-centric way.

We firmly believe in the value of long-term relationships. We do not engage with prospective clients if we feel that there will be no mutual benefit. One-sided relationships tend to fail.

We know that our clients rely on us and that we form part of their team. We look to work closely with them to understand what drives their business and to offer proactive rather than reactive advice and help.
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Impartial | Integrity | Independence | Objectivity | Honesty
Impartial | Integrity | Independence | Objectivity | Honesty
Impartial | Integrity | Independence | Objectivity | Honesty
Impartial | Integrity | Independence | Objectivity | Honesty

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